A Twine game about forgiving, or not forgiving, and an awkward conversation about a very difficult parental(?) relationship. 

This is my first Twine game, so it's something of a test for myself to sort of check things out, test the waters, etc. Happy playing! 

Written for Mini Jam 87: Break


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Hi! since there isn't sa full screen mode, I can only see part of the text. There also doesn't seem to be a scroll down option, so I can't get past "Maybe it's the draft that filters lazily through the room, sending shivers through your"

cause when I click on the word "your" (the rest is cut off), it takes me back to the first page, where the only option I can click is 'monster of his nightmares" since for me the text is cut off after the sentence "You're not sure if he takes his tea so sweet, or if he's over-medicated it in a case of nerves."

I'm not manually zoomed in, I don't have anything in particular disabled, and I'm able to play other twine games. Just wanted to give you a heads up 

Hey, thanks for the note! I’m definitely still figuring things out, haha. I’ll dig into it soon and see what I can do to fix it—I was able to play all the way through without trouble, but I’ll see what I can do to prevent that being a problem at all.